The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide for When Help is NOT on the Way

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Black & White Version. If a disaster took away the high-technology we take for granted, would you be prepared to keep you family healthy? Could you be an effective medic when hospitals are overcrowded and the ambulance is heading in the other direction? Can you take over if you were the highest medical asset left? Medical preparedness advocates Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, NP’s award-winning “Survival Medicine Handbook: A guide for when help is NOT on the way” is now out in its greatly expanded and revised 4th edition!
Previous editions have been 1st place winners in the Book Excellence Awards in Medicine, and this one has many more topics and almost triple the illustrations to give you the info needed to keep it together, even when everything else falls apart. Called “America’s favorite survival medic” by American Outdoor Guide, NY Times/Amazon bestselling author Dr. Joe Alton and Nurse Practitioner Amy Alton have put together a 700 page book that encompasses trauma care, first aid, chronic care, medical procedures, and much more. It’ll be an essential reference for anyone concerned about the uncertain future.
The Survival Medicine Handbook is written in plain English that anyone can understand, but it’s not just another medical first aid book. It’s unique in that it assumes that a disaster, natural or man-made, has removed all access to hospitals or doctors for the foreseeable future; you, the average person, are now the highest medical resource left to your family. The book’s goal is to make you effective in that role.
With over 300 topics and 300 illustrations, the 4th edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook covers just about every situation the family medic will encounter in times of trouble.


“I have known and worked with the Joe and Amy Alton for over10 years now. They have been an invaluable resource to my community at TheSurvival Podcast. I know of no other individuals who have done as much toeducate the prepper community as to medical preparedness.”-Jack Spirko,Owner and Founder of The Survival Podcast

“You can’t purchase medical preparedness like you can buyother survival and preparedness gear.Medical preparedness is 90% knowledge and know-how! That is why I alwayssay, the first book any prepper should own is The Survival Medical Handbook byDr. Joe and Amy Alton!”-Todd Sepulveda, Founder, The Prepper Website

“As a person responsible for many people. I keep mySurvival Medicine Handbook nearby.  Ifyou’re not a medical provider, this book will help you keep someone alive untilhelp arrives. Kudos to Joe and Amy for their dedication to teaching austeremedicine through their podcasts and publications.”-Scott Hunt, Author,Owner of Practical Preppers

I’ve relied on Joe and Amy Alton for timely andimportant medical articles for more than 20 years. They increase themagazine’s value, and they are a part of the reason we are not simply read andtossed, but read and kept in a drawer for later rereading.”-Dave Duffy, Founderand Editor Emeritus, Backwoods Home Magazine

“Joe and Amy Alton have long been my preferred source forany information related to medical issues in austere settings. TheirSurvival Medicine Handbook (4th edition) should be in every prepper library.They cover a huge range of topics, with easy to follow and understand steps fordiagnosis and treatment for when the professionals aren’t available. I simplycannot recommend this book highly enough.”-Jim Cobb, Editor-in-Chief, PrepperSurvival Guide Magazine

From the Author:

In researching the fourth edition, we looked at everyindividual medical problem likely to confront the medically responsible personin the family. How could we teach a non-medical person to approach that problemin an effective but simple way?

We considered what medical supplies they would need and howto use them. For long-term disasters, we found natural alternatives that wouldhelp when the conventional medicines ran out. More importantly, we figured outstrategies to do something even more important: How to prevent medicalproblems. Prevention will save the family medic both headaches and heartaches.

It wasn’t easy for a doctor and nurse practitioner to writea medical book that didn’t advise you to head for the nearest hospital orclinic every single time an emergency occurs. Many times, we had to dig intoour collection of 19th century medical books to find methods that might beuseful off-the-grid. We realized that many of these methods weren’t superior towhat modern medicine has to offer. To be honest, some were downright obsolete. Despitethis, we found a number of our ancestors’ strategies that might be useful in afuture catastrophe.

When the first book was published, we expected that,perhaps, a hundred people might obtain a copy. Imagine our shock when thenumber reached so many more! We greatly underestimated the number of peopleconcerned about the risk of both natural and man-made disasters, epidemics, andterrorist attacks.

Seeing that so many already realize the need for medicalpreparedness, the Fourth Edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook spends lesstime trying to make the case for it than previous versions. Instead, the bookcovers more issues than ever before and covers almost every subject in moredetail. Every topic is meant to help the family medic identify, treat, and/orprevent sickness and injury in austere settings. This may sometimes veerfrom a purely medical aspect, but also include common-sense advice.

The sheer amount of information made the Fourth Edition toocumbersome, so you might notice this book is physically larger. This wasnecessary, as every section has been updated or amended in some way. We hopethat this book will serve as a useful reference guide for your family.

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