Book Seeding Initiatives.

Early reader reviews are pivotal for a successful book launch, influencing the Amazon algorithm’s recommendations and providing crucial social proof to potential buyers. Leveraging your author network, our Book Promotion Manager guides you through seeding initiatives, advising on timing, messaging, and support. We facilitate outreach to influential communities on platforms like NetGalley and Goodreads, boasting millions of registered members, enhancing your book’s exposure and credibility.

Accelerate the trajectory of your authority with our tailored book promotion strategies. Our team collaborates with you to devise a personalized promotion plan that strategically situates your book for maximum visibility, trust, and sales.

Throughout the campaign, you will receive robust weekly analysis. This includes insights into buying behaviors and book sales as a direct result of the advertising. Our team of Amazon certified ad specialists optimize the ad strategy and tactics based on real-time results.

6-Month Book Launch Publicity Campaign.

Our comprehensive Book Launch Publicity Campaign ensures your book gains both local and national exposure. Through strategic outreach to consumer and specialty newspapers, magazines, journals, and trade publications, we secure placements in top-tier outlets including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Our established relationships and proven strategies guarantee prominent visibility for your book, amplifying its impact and reach.

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