The Book Publishing Process

Navigating the book publishing process can seem daunting, as it varies from publisher to publisher. However, with a dedicated team of publishing experts, you can transform into a published author with impressive book sales and heightened visibility. Enter our Done-For-You Publishing Process at lBooks Incorporated.

Exclusively catering to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders aiming to share their expertise and enhance their industry reputation, we embrace authors who are mission-driven with unique perspectives. Recognizing the value of your time, we provide exceptional service, having assisted over 200 leaders in converting their knowledge into globally accessible hardcopy books.

Our approach allows you to select your level of involvement while trusting our team of professionals to deliver a seamless experience. Here’s a breakdown of the lBooks Incorporated Process:

  1. Strategy Alignment: Led by our highly-experienced team of Forbes Books Architects, we kickstart the process by aligning your goals with our capabilities, culminating in a comprehensive blueprint that guides our collaborative journey.
  2. Vision and Design Session: Meet your Editorial and Strategy team to explore your ideas and objectives. Your Master Book Planner will craft a tailored book plan, refined during your Blueprint Session, within 10 days after the initial meeting.
  3. Blueprint Session: Review your Master Book Plan and explore recommended brand and media services aligned with your authority-building goals.
  4. Editorial Team Introduction: Hand-select your ghostwriter if you don’t have a manuscript. Your Editorial Manager and Brand & Media Leader will navigate you through the publishing and media services process.
  5. Ghostwriting and Research: Collaborate with your ghostwriter to capture your voice and story. If you have a manuscript, an editor will provide feedback and guidance.
  6. Editing, Layout, and Design: Witness your book come to life as our writers craft your narrative and our award-winning design team produces a captivating cover. Collaborate on manuscript revisions before finalizing the layout.
  7. Book Printing: We handle the print and distribution process, ensuring your book is available online and in stores, with options for digital versions.
  8. Distribution and Promotion: Maximize your book’s reach through online and offline retail outlets, supported by our Distribution team’s strategic pitching to national chain bookstores and large independents.

With lBooks Incorporated, embark on your publishing journey with confidence, knowing that every step is expertly guided toward maximizing your success and retail reach.

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