Becoming a Professional Life Coach: The Art and Science of a Whole-Person Approach

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The profession of life coaching is more necessary than ever in this time of pandemic-related uncertainty, the shift (in some cases, permanent) to remote learning and working, and the constant change that accompanies world events. With his best-selling Therapist as Life Coach, Patrick Williams introduced the therapeutic community to the career of life coach, and in the first and second editions of Becoming a Professional Life Coach, he and Diane S. Menendez covered basic principles and strategies for effective coaching.


Full of new information on the neuropsychology of coaching, the third edition of Becoming a Professional Life Coach explores the neuropsychology behind coaching; specialties in the field, such as trauma and addiction coaching; coaching amid post-pandemic global stress; coaching virtually; navigating emotions in coaching; and achieving transformational coaching by addressing the whole person. It takes readers step-by-step through the coaching process, covering all the crucial ideas and strategies for being an effective, successful life coach. This book is one-stop shopping for beginner and advanced coaches alike. Other topics include: coaching the whole client: mind, body, emotions, spirit; post-pandemic global stress; and the importance of professional coaching competencies.


“This is simply a fabulous book, wise and beautifully written. It is deceptively simple as Pat presents complex ideas in a remarkably accessible way and is able to articulate both the basics and the subtleties of coaching. It’s an orientation, an operating system, and a playbook. It will help you think through how to coach and empower you to be a great one. I found it inspiring and made me glad to be a coach…. It is equally powerful for leadership coaching and a pathway to just being a better human.”
― Carol Kauffman PhD, Founder, Institute of Coaching, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School“A must-read for anyone interested in working as a coach! Becoming a Professional Life Coach provides an evidence-based overview of the history of coaching, along with the underlying theories, best practices, and latest advancements in the profession. This book is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to becoming a competent coach that is the cornerstone of our coaching program.”
― Dr. Ellen Neiley Ritter, BCC, Dean of Students, Institute for LifeCoach Training“This book is solidly in the top five I have recommended to the thousands of coaches my company and I have trained. Why? Because it teaches the essence of coaching presence, mindset, and skills in such a practical and applied manner. There are lots of examples, exercises, and dialogues, and all are grounded in a foundation of behavioral science. Beyond that, it is a rich storehouse for the coach’s own personal growth and development.”
― Michael Arloski, PhD, PCC, NBC-HWC, Founder and CEO, Real BalanceGlobal WellnessBecoming a Professional Life Coach goes straight to the heart of what it takes to become a masterful coach. It blends the art and the science, the practical and the inspirational. It is a definitive text for coach training and a go-to for those engaging in their essential personal development of new capacities for ‘beingness.'”
― Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach, recipient of the ICF 2022 Circle of Distinction Award“This third edition of Becoming a Professional Life Coach really does focus on the art and science of a whole-person approach. Patrick Williams and Diane Menendez are to be congratulated for authoring a comprehensive book on the multifaceted aspects of life coaching― from the fundamentals and basics to facilitating the client in achieving their goals and attaining personal fulfilment. Many coaches will find the techniques very useful for themselves, too!”
― Stephen Palmer, PhD, president of the International Society for Coaching Psychology

“[E]very life coach who is serious about learning and improving his or her coaching skills should read this comprehensive book. They will be able to continue to use it as a reference for their entire coaching career.”
― Jeannette Koczela, International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC) blog

About the Author:

Patrick Williams, EdD, is founder of the Institute for Life Coach Training and the coauthor of the highly acclaimed Therapist as Life Coach: Transforming your Practice, Total Life Coaching, and The Law and Ethics of Coaching. He lives in Colorado.

Diane S. Menendez, PhD, is a master certified coach and has coached leaders, teams, and organizations for more than twenty-five years. She specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and culture change in large organizations.

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