Brain-Changing Strategies to Trauma-Proof Our Schools: A Heart-Centered Movement for Wiring Well-Being

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Stop trauma in its tracks, address disruptive behaviors, and create a safe and nurturing school environment with a neuroscience-based approach in your classroom.

More than 32 million children in the US suffer from trauma symptoms. Some have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), like neglect, abuse, violence, and loss, or have experienced distress from medical trauma and social injustice. Toxic traumatic stress shapes the structure and function of both brain and body, which can lead to anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression, shutting down, and acting out–emotions and behaviors that hinder learning and create classroom chaos.

Maggie Kline, a family therapist, trauma specialist, school psychologist, and former teacher, gives you whole-brain, heart-centered tools to identify and reverse trauma-driven behaviors so students feel supported and safe. Her unique roadmap will empower you to facilitate positive school-wide outcomes as you learn:

  • How trauma alters kids’ brains causing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges
  • Evidence-based somatic, relational, and mindfulness interventions to rewire reactivity
  • How to manage Pre-K-12 classrooms to promote empathy, cooperation, and belonging
  • Social equity practices so kids from all backgrounds feel safe, valued, and joyful
  • Concrete steps to restore resilience following natural and man-made catastrophes


“To educate our children we must educate their hearts as well as their minds. This important, passionate, and practical book shows us powerful and critical tools for healing trauma and creating an education of emotional well-being and empowerment.”
—JACK KORNFIELD PHD, author of A Path with Heart

“…this book is recommended for teachers and all those interested in helping individuals experiencing and healing from traumatic events.”
—NANCY H. FONTAINE, Library Journal

“This amazing book is the answer to a prayer. With the understanding and methods so clearly laid out by a former teacher, we have a path to real healing—for all of us!”
—CHRISTINE KELLY, EdD, president of the Teachers Association of Long Beach USD

“There have been a number of excellent books and articles addressing the profound need for trauma-informed education in our schools. Maggie Kline’s is among the most comprehensive, passionate, scientific, heartful, and clear.”
—PETER A. LEVINE, PhD, author of Waking the Tiger and Trauma and Memory

“The world is in the midst of a trauma-informed awakening. Educational policy change will eventually come. This book could be a driving force to that change.”
—NATHAN SWARINGEN, LCSW, developer of “It’s About T.I.M.E.”

“The knowledge gained from Maggie Kline’s writings have deepened my self-awareness as an educator and helped me to create a safe space in which children thrive.”
—NOVAE C. MOSER, teacher at The Discovery School of San Antonio

“Maggie Kline has structured an organized roadmap with sound research, practical tools, and strategies to guide educators through their journey to serve the students who need us the most. I highly recommend this book with its rich content.”
—JIM SPORLEDER, principal featured in Paper Tigers and coauthor of The Trauma-Informed School

“This is a must-readfor all school staff!”
—KATIE HARTMANN, licensed psychologist and specialist in school psychology

“Maggie Kline’s PlayShops and her first book, Trauma through a Child’s Eyes, have truly inspired me and my work with children and teens. This new book goes way beyond the first in providing tools and strategies for trauma-proofing our schools, which is essential for the future of our children and our societies.”
—CARSTEN MOELLER, teacher and therapist, Denmark

“The author, with her multicultural view, expertise, and compassionate commitment to reduce trauma symptoms, violence, and the marginalization of youth, provides us with a scope, depth, and integrity that is quite astonishing.”
—SÔNIA GOMES, PhD, Somatic Experiencing® International Faculty, Advanced Structural and Movement Rolfing Practitioner, and creator of SOMA—Embodiment Approach for Healing Trauma

“In a time where children are facing increasing levels of toxic stress and trauma, Maggie Kline prepares us for the important walk with children to heal and attain long-term positive outcomes.”
—JESSICA TRUDEAU, MPH, executive director of Momentous Institute, Dallas, Texas

About the Author:

MAGGIE KLINE is a retired school counselor and school psychologist, who worked as marriage, family, and child therapist in private practice for over thirty-five years. She began her career as an elementary school teacher in Long Beach USD, one of the most ethnically diverse school districts in the United States. Maggie trained with Dr. Peter A.Levine, creator of Somatic Experiencing (SE), a physiologically-based, psycho-biological trauma prevention and treatment method to help reverse the effects of toxic stress in children and adults. For more than twenty years, she has been a senior international faculty member at the SE Trauma Institute ( She is the coauthor with Peter Levine of “It Won’t Hurt Forever,” Trauma through a Child’s Eyes, and Trauma Proofing Your Kids. She is also the creator of Conscious Connections PlayShops, which she teaches on five continents to professionals who help youth, parents, and schools. This work includes relational repair for students with complex PTSD, in addition to reducing the effects of acute stress reactions from ordinary and extraordinary life challenges. Maggie is featured in fifteen video interviews produced and offered free to parents by to help children cope with trauma and grief.
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