Native American Herbalist’s Bible: 13 Books in 1: Discover 500+ Herbal Remedies & Medicinal Plants to Naturally Improve your Wellness. Build your own Garden, Apothecary Table and Herbal Dispensatory

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Learn how Native American women used herbs to treat and prevent the most common health disease for themselves and their children. The most faithful and complete encyclopedia on herbs is here now for you!

Are you looking for natural solutions to cure the most common ailments?

Don’t feel like using drugs for every little “thing”?

Are you dreaming of powerful natural remedies that boost overall health?

If so, this book is definitely for you…

Native Americans had a superpower: they were the people who, more than any other, were able to transform Nature into powerful medicine.

They knew how to cure the most common health disease, seasonal ills, female problems, and typical childhood ailments by treating herbs in a certain way…

…until they became as effective as a modern drug, but hundred times more natural.

But what herbs did they use? And what did they do to make them “magical”?

The answer is in this book: throughout its pages, you’ll discover how to easily recreate Native American remedies at your home even if you’ve never done it before and you don’t know anything about herbal medicine.

About the author:

Cheyenne Sioux Abequa is an expert author in the field of natural wellness and herbal medicine. Her work is deeply rooted in the traditions of Native American herbalism, blended seamlessly with modern holistic health principles. Abequa is particularly known for her comprehensive approach to using medicinal plants and herbal remedies as a means to improve wellness and vitality.

Her writings often include guidance on how to cultivate personal herbal gardens and create home apothecaries, demonstrating her practical expertise in the field. Additionally, she explores dietary practices that promote natural healing and body restoration, offering a holistic perspective on health and wellness.

Abequa’s contributions to the literature on herbal medicine and natural wellness are highly valued for their depth, practicality, and respect for both ancient and contemporary healing practices. Her work continues to inspire and educate those seeking a natural path to health and well-being.

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