The ABC … DARK PSYCHOLOGY 2.0 – 10 Books in 1 – 2nd Edition: Learn the World of Manipulation and Mind Control. The Psychological Skills you Need to Analyze People. Use Body Language, CBT and NLP.

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You’ve just entered into the deepest parts of the human psyche – home to manipulation, deception, brainwashing, and more.

How do you protect yourself from these manipulators and sadists?

You educate yourself with ABCDark Psychology 2.0 book set!

Learn the dark psychology that lies within people, even your friends and family members, and how to combat their tactics.

Get the tools you need to no longer feel like the prey and bring yourself to a whole new level of self-awareness and confidence.

With this series in your hands, you will:

Have access to 10 volumes of thorough information about psychology, human behavior, and human nature
Learn the basic fundamentals of psychology including behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic perspectives
Dive deep into the dark workings of the mind and why some people think the way they do
Discover how to combat and deal with manipulation, deception, mind control, and more
Become a stronger person mentally and achieve a self-awareness you ever thought possible
Read body language like it’s your second language and know exactly what people are thinking without them telling you
Know when someone is lying or trying to persuade you into doing something
Always stay one step ahead of your competition in business or your social circle
And Much More!

After reading these volumes, you will have access to some of the rarest information about human psychology.

You will know exactly when someone is trying to manipulate you or is lying to you. Use these tricks to always stay ahead of your competition whether it be in your social circle or in business.

Are you ready to dive deep into the dark psychology of the human mind?

About the author:

Benedict Goleman was born in the suburbs of Chicago in 1965 to a humble Italian family.

From a young age, he showed great talent in understanding the human mind; his parents still tell about the first spontaneous experiments that he conducted at home:

“A few words were enough, I cannot explain how…but, one way or another, Ben always got what he wanted!” says his father amusedly in numerous interviews.

Aware of his talent and driven by an incredible passion, Benedict devoted himself body and soul to the study of psychology. He graduated from the University of Chicago with honors.

To pay for his studies, he began working as a salesman in the education industry and gained extensive sales experience.

As soon as he finished university, he started fruitful collaborations with several US companies and soon became the secret weapon behind skyrocketing sales.

Goleman’s mastery has allowed many companies to record sales increases of up to 300% in a year!

The enormous success of Goleman’s communication strategies is based on the insufficient knowledge of the human mind when applied to sales.

“The human psyche is very simple to manipulate; by pulling the right levers, you can convince anyone to do anything.”

After more than ten years of experience in applied sales psychology, Goleman decided to share the fundamentals of his work with the rest of the world through his books.

He is still recognized as one of the leading experts in his field. His books are helping thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs get everything that they want from their clients.

Today, Benedict is the rector of psychology at the University of Michigan and he lives with his family on a beautiful country estate.

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