Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing: A Workbook to Help You Grow, Rebuild, and Take Back Your Life

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Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing offers the latest, recovery-oriented strategies to manage symptoms and take your life back from trauma.

The decision to begin working on your trauma is not an easy one, but it is an essential step on your journey into healing. In Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing, clinical psychologist Dr. Elena Welsh delivers an actionable workbook with new strategies to rebuild from trauma and start living the life you want to lead.

Based on scientifically-backed therapeutic strategies, Dr. Welsh will teach you practical, proven effective skills for working through trauma and healing your mind, body, and spirit. The exercises in Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing have helped thousands of trauma survivors cope and find relief from trauma-related symptoms in daily life.

Whether the source of your trauma was one experience or a series of ongoing events, with Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing you will:

  • Understand trauma with an in-depth introduction that addresses the wide range of symptoms associated with trauma as well as physical symptoms and illnesses.
  • Discover the root of your trauma with self-diagnostic quizzes and reflective assessments to help you identify personal triggers and the specific symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Take your life back with actionable strategies that deepen your mind-body connection and incorporate wellness habits into your everyday life.

Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing arms you with the tools you need to heal, thrive, and enjoy life beyond trauma.


Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing is a valuable resource for individuals who are looking for support to navigate recovery from the experience of traumatic events. Dr. Welsh addresses the impact of trauma on your body, mind, emotions, and relationships. Through tools of self-assessment questions and mindfulness strategies, she guides her reader to develop the self-awareness necessary when navigating distressing post-traumatic stress symptoms. Dr. Welsh’s pragmatic approach will undoubtedly serve as a guide for so many in need of support when confronting the painful parts of traumatic memories.”—Dr. Arielle Schwartz, PhD, author of The Complex PTSD Workbook: A Mind-Body Approach to Regaining Emotional Control and Becoming Whole and EMDR Therapy and Somatic Psychology: Interventions to Enhance Embodiment in Trauma Treatment

“Grounded in research yet infused with compassion, Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing fills a tremendously important need for survivors of trauma. Building on years of experience working with individuals who have lived through unimaginable pain, Dr. Welsh guides the reader through numerous empirically supported, concrete strategies focused on better navigating trauma-related memories, feelings, and physical symptoms. Not only does she help survivors feel empowered to make changes, but also emphasizes the important role of acceptance. Although a survivor cannot alter the past or eliminate all of one’s pain, it is possible to live fully and to experience post-traumatic growth. Survivors can build new, positive relationships, starting with the relationship with themselves. The exercises included in this workbook are described in a clear, compelling, and accessible manner, and they can be completed independently or in collaboration with a therapist. In short, Dr. Welsh’s workbook promises and delivers to readers an opportunity for growth, rebuilding, and happiness in life.”—Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, Ph.D., Lewis & Clark College, and co-author of Treatment Planning in Psychotherapy: Taking the Guesswork Out of Clinical Care

Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing puts the reader directly in touch with the information, tools, and exercises that are known to be effective elements of evidence-based practices for the treatment of post-traumatic stress-related symptoms. Dr. Welsh’s relatable and empowering writing style makes these resources widely accessible, and she presents them in a format that encourages individual application based on the survivor’s specific needs. Trauma survivors who are motivated to educate themselves in a self-guided fashion and are interested in learning exercises to improve their coping skills would benefit greatly from using this workbook. Additionally, therapists will find this book a valuable resource for helping clients build resilience.”—Sara Heinz, PsyD, ABPP, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Northeast Ohio Healthcare System

” Dr. Welsh marvelously balances providing a workbook that is both evidence-based and supportive, nurturing, and empathetic. This workbook is an important guide for victims and survivors by providing useful exercises to guide them towards healing. I highly recommend this comprehensive workbook as a useful resource for therapists and clients who are working toward recovery from adverse experiences.”—Apryl A. Alexander, PsyD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver

Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing is a beautifully written, up-to-date guide on how to identify and treat the many effects of trauma. Dr. Welsh’s book is an invaluable and clear toolkit for anyone who has experienced trauma, providing evidence-based skills to improve moods, relationships, and overall health.”—Steven F. Galarza, D.O., Medical Director, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medical Center Partial Hospitalization Program and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Western University of Health Sciences

Trauma Survivor’s Strategies for Healing is an essential guide for any person coping with and recovering from a wide range of traumatic experiences. Dr. Welsh discusses the complex emotional and physiological impact of trauma in a relatable and easily understood manner, while simultaneously providing the reader with step-by-step strategies to move through their trauma and into recovery. The easy-to-use assessment tools and intervention strategies are based in the most up-to-date research, and are perfectly designed for either self-guided use or with the support of a therapist.”—Lauren Stevenson, PsyD, Director of Capstone Psychological Services, Pasadena, California

“Trauma is an omnipresent experience in human life, yet working through it to heal and rebuild something that we, as humans, struggle to face. Dr. Welsh is able to humanize our experiences, give hope, and offer accessible skills and exercises that are customizable to the reader and their present state. She is easily able to walk you through parts of her book that are applicable to each person’s unique experience, making it user-friendly, yet clearly backed with science and evidence-based research. Trauma Survivor’s Strategies for Healing will benefit anyone who has ever experienced a trauma; in other words, essentially any human.”—Renay Gartner, PsyD, Director of Assessment Service, The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Illinois

About the Author:

ELENA WELSH, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist located in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in science-informed self-help books and has also published articles in various medical and research journals.
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