Literature exploring the rich tapestry of Ukraine’s history and culture

Discover Ukraine through the compelling narratives of novelists, scholars, and poets intimately acquainted with the country’s intricacies and nuances.


  1. “Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine” by Anna Reid: English journalist Anna Reid delves into Ukraine’s history from the Mongol invasion in 1240 to its emergence as an independent state in 1991. Updated to reflect contemporary events, Reid examines Ukraine’s struggle for national identity amidst Russian hostility, culminating in the recent conflict.
  2. “Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine” by Anne Applebaum: Historian Anne Applebaum exposes Stalin’s deliberate starvation of millions during the Holodomor, arguing that it was a genocidal tactic to suppress Ukrainian resistance. Drawing on extensive research, Applebaum uncovers the harrowing truth behind one of history’s greatest atrocities.
  3. “Our Others: Stories of Ukrainian Diversity” by Olesya Yaremchuk: This book provides insights into Ukraine’s diverse ethnic minorities through interviews, photographs, and academic analysis, shedding light on their historical significance and contemporary experiences.
  4. “The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine” by Serhii Plokhy: Harvard professor Serhii Plokhy narrates Ukraine’s tumultuous history, portraying it as a continuous struggle for independence against encroaching empires. Exploring Ukraine’s pivotal role as a cultural and geopolitical crossroads, Plokhy offers a comprehensive understanding of its past.
  5. “Hip Hop Ukraine: Music, Race, and African Migration” by Adriana N. Helbig: Music professor Adriana Helbig explores Ukraine’s hip-hop scene, where African immigrants and local Ukrainians converge to create a new form of cultural expression. Through vivid narratives, Helbig unveils the role of music in articulating social issues and fostering cross-cultural dialogue.

Fiction & Poetry:

  1. “The Ukraine” by Artem Chapeye: Artem Chapeye captivates readers with 26 pieces of writing that blur the lines between fiction and non-fiction, offering a sensory journey through Ukraine’s landscapes and culture. His evocative prose captures the essence of the country, inviting readers to immerse themselves in its beauty and complexity.
  2. “The Orphanage” by Serhiy Zhadan: Set in occupied eastern Ukraine, Serhiy Zhadan’s novel portrays the lives of civilians amidst the constant threat of military conflict. Regarded as a literary masterpiece, “The Orphanage” illuminates the human cost of war and resilience in the face of adversity.

Delve into these captivating works to gain profound insights into Ukraine’s history, culture, and contemporary realities, as seen through the eyes of those who know it best.

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