Health Information Management Technology with Online Access: An Applied Approach


Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles, and Practice, Sixth Edition, is a textbook for students and healthcare professionals alike. Proper management of health information is critical for the healthcare industry to advance and improve in areas of cost, access, and quality. The core of the health information management (HIM) profession is recognizing the pivotal role that health information plays when collected and stored accurately and completely so that it can then be analyzed to make critical clinical, financial, administrative, and ethical decisions in healthcare. This book offers content to help students and professionals already working in the healthcare field understand the value of quality information from the point of patient-specific data collection to the aggregation of that data to generate information that can then be utilized to increase knowledge and support decision-making. The content of this book is modeled after the 2018 AHIMA HIM curricula competencies and the RHIA exam domains. This book sets the path for excellence in four-year baccalaureate programs and identifies the critical competencies in the HIM discipline today. The text is a foundation for successfully executing curriculum requirements, a preparation guide for the RHIA exam, and a resource for practicing healthcare and health information professionals in a variety of roles.

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