The Positive Thinking Workbook: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Build a Strong Foundation for a Positive Mindset (Workbook Series)

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Exercises to help you silence your inner critic and think positively

Decrease your stress, anxiety, and depression while also improving your motivation, health, and satisfaction with life through the power of positive thinking. This easy and accessible workbook provides the tools and exercises you need to build a strong, sustainable foundation for a more hopeful outlook on life.

The Positive Thinking Workbook features:

The perks of positive thinking―Discover what it means to engage in positive thinking, and explore how it can produce tangible changes to the quality of your life.
Evidence-based guidance―From mindfulness and breathwork to meditation and journaling, find practical strategies and exercises that help you improve your mindset.
Thought-provoking prompts―Better understand yourself through questions that encourage you to examine the way you approach and react to life’s challenges.
Improve your outlook on life with this collection of positive thinking exercises.

From the Publisher:

Simple and effictive exercisesto help you start thinking positively

This book offers warm and supportive guidance for making real long-term changes. You’ll learn to silence your inner critic, shift your mindset, build a support squad, and more.


“Alexa Brand is a positive thinking expert, and her workbook is the most comprehensive guide to evidence-based techniques that I have seen. The worksheets are easy to follow and beautifully done. Paired with her notes of encouragement, working on yourself has never been more warm and welcoming. Get ready for a perspective-shifting journey that I highly recommend to clients and colleagues alike.” ―Chloé Zessin, MS, LMFT

The Positive Thinking Workbook is a breath of much-needed fresh air. It’s an accessible and nonjudgmental way of examining relationships and internalized shame, particularly in relationship to self. It felt like Alexa Brand was gently walking alongside me and encouraging me through the easy-to-follow worksheets. A beautiful tool for folks interested in embracing positive thinking.” ―Sandy Gomez, PhD

“Creative and inspiring, The Positive Thinking Workbook has the power to transform your life! The way Alexa Brand incorporates cutting-edge research, clinical practice, and personal experience into engaging activities that lead participants through a process of change is unlike any other self-help book on the market. I highly recommend The Positive Thinking Workbook for anyone interested in personal development and am already sending copies to my colleagues, family, and friends!” ―Bethany Simmons, PhD, LMFT-S, LPC

About the Author:

Alexa Brand, MS, LMFT, (she/her) is a psychotherapist and mindfulness mentor. In 2020, she founded Soul Compassion (, where she provides mindfulness mentorship to clients who are seeking to unlearn toxic norms and embrace their authentic alignment. Find her on Instagram @MindfulFemme.

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