Leadership: A Communication Perspective, Seventh Edition 7th Edition


Leadership: A Communication Perspective has been at the forefront of university and college leadership courses for nearly three decades, providing a compelling, authoritative introduction to leadership as a communication-based activity. The new edition continues the tradition of excellence with an up-to-date treatment of theory and research combined with practical, real-world advice for improving communication competence and leadership effectiveness.

The authors profile contemporary leaders and organizations like Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Zappos’ Tony Hsieh, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Uber, The Container Store, Airbnb, Chipotle, the Waffle House, Nordstrom, and Google. Their presentation balances current scholarship and trends with historical perspectives to provide a fuller understanding of the study and practice of leadership.

Leadership and followership are examined in multiple contexts, including organizational leadership, public leadership, and leadership in groups and teams. Topics new to this edition include transcendent followership, the leadership skills approach, team coaching, escalation of commitment, invisible leadership, cultural intelligence, trigger events, and resilience.

Self-Assessments measure readers’ perceptions of personal leadership skills, communication style, cultural intelligence, motivation to lead, and more.

Case Studies examine leadership situations and pose thoughtful questions that prompt students to apply their experiences and understandings.

Research Highlights summarize seminal and recent scholarship.

Chapter Takeaways reinforce important concepts and action steps.

Application Exercises offer abundant opportunities to explore, practice, and reflect on chapter content.

Cultural Connections discuss leadership expectations and behaviors in other cultures.


“I have used several leadership texts over the years but just keep coming back to this one. There is a strong ethical component I really like and students respond more positively to his book.” –Teresa Morales, Wayne State College

“If you can have only one leadership book in your library, Leadership: A Communication Perspective by Johnson & Hackman is the one to have. Solid theoretical perspective, but equally strong on application.” –Dan Pryor, Howard Payne University

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