The ASAM Essentials of Addiction Medicine 3rd Edition

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This quick reference to all areas of addiction medicine is a condensed version of The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine, 6th edition, Miller et al. (Wolters Kluwer, 2019).

It is designed to present key clinical points from each chapter in the main textbook in streamlined format. The goal is to distill the essential knowledge that constitutes the core of addiction medicine and provide a more concise source of up-to-date and clinically relevant information.

The purpose is to provide the clinically relevant information for healthcare professionals not in the addiction field. It is also an excellent book for residents, fellows, nurses, and clinicians in the addiction field to use to review the recent pertinent information regarding treating these diseases.

This book is organized into 14 sections that correspond to the main textbook.
Each chapter is a distilled summary of the information presented in its companion chapter in the textbook. The first section on basic science is followed by sections reviewing pharmacology (opiates, stimulants, caffeine, nicotine, cannabinoids, hallucinogens and designer drugs, dissociatives, inhalants, and steroids) diagnosis and intervention (including special populations, emergency rooms, geriatrics, and laboratory testing), management of withdrawal, psychosocial, behavioral, and pharmacological treatments (for alcohol, opioids, stimulants and nicotine), and self-help groups. The book then covers special populations such as those with medical problems caused by alcohol and drugs and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, addiction and pain, children and adolescents, and ending with ethical, legal, and liability issues in addictions practice.

This is a condensed but thorough overview of all areas of addiction medicine.
The chapters in each section provide pertinent clinical information in an easy-to-read fashion. The book provides an efficient overview of the material, which that can be examined in greater detail if so desired by referring to the main textbook.”

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