103 Group Activities and TIPS (Treatment Ideas & Practical Strategies)

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Fill your therapeutic toolbox with innovative, experiential exercises to enhance any group with 103 Group Activities and TIPS and Belmont’s newest group book (2016) 150 Group Therapy Activities and TIPS!

103 Group Activities and T.I.P.S. (Treatment Ideas and Practical Strategies), as well as her more recently released 150 Group Therapy Activities and TIPS, are gleaned  from 40 years of clinical experience coupled with her passion for “hands-on” mental wellness education.
These straightforward and universally relevant “how to” exercises are smartly spiral bound so you can easily make copies for your clients. All the TIPS are geared to helping participants take a proactive approach and experience change, not just talk about it.

Within the T.I.P.S. approach, each of the 103 activities, handouts or strategies is broken down even further into T.I.P.s (Theory, Implementation and Processing). This unique approach makes every TIP easy to understand and put to practice.

You will find blueprints for group success in icebreakers, role plays, mindfulness, stress resiliency, communication skills, imagery, personal growth, group cohesiveness and skill building.

About the author:

Judith Belmont is a mental health author and speaker on a variety of personal, emotional and workplace wellness topics.

Most of her 9 books have been geared towards helping mental health professionals treat common client client problems using various worksheets, handouts, activities and visualizations. Her recently released book published by New Harbinger, “Embrace Your Greatness: 50 Ways to Build Unshakeable Self-Esteem, is designed for the general self-help audience. Also recently released by mental health publisher, PESI, is a self-help card deck entitled “The Anxiety and Stess Soluton Deck: 55 CBT and Mindfulness Tips and Tools.”

PESI is also the publisher of five of her books, 4 of which constitute PESI’s “Tips and Tools for the Therapeutic Toolbox Series.” This series offers mental health providers practical psycho-educational resources to use with their clients to deal with common client problems, such as relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, and life adjustment issues. She is also the author of The Therapist’s Ultimate Solution Book by W.W. Norton. Her books contain various worksheets, handouts, activities and visualizations that offer clients and self-help lovers practical strategies to improve communication, stay positive, think more rationally, develop more self-compassion and mindfulness, and improve life skills and manage stress.

Her specialty is psycho-education, where readers are empowered with life skills through worksheets, handouts and exercises to make positive changes in their lives.

Her presentations are highly interactive, offering participants practical tools to create a positive life and the positive workplace through improving emotional wellness, communication and life skills. She has also offered various Continuing Education trainings nationally for mental health professionals, mostly through continuing education provider, PESI.


She have an MS in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann Medical College, and hold a BS in Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. She currently live in Naples, Florida and South Jersey.

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